discoDSP ThrillMe VST

discoDSP ThrillMe VST 2.11

ThrillMe is a powerful VST plugin dynamics processor
2.11 (See all)

ThrillMe is a powerful VST plugin dynamics processor, used to enhance and give warmth to your instruments or your mix. The plugin DSP is mainly divided in 3 parts, spectral enhancer, multi-band compressor and the limiter, but you don’t have to worry about a endless parameter list, since most of them are managed by the plugin itself.

Dynamics Processor:Splitting filter: Single-Pole IIR/-6dB Oct x 2 (Stereo) x 3 (Bands);Band Range: 0-1kHz/1kHz-10kHz/10kHz-Inf (with -6dB/Oct Crossover Roll Off);Algorithm: VADP - Virtual Analog Dynamics Processing;Threshold Range: -Inf dB to 0.0dB, Exponential Curve;Envelope: Self Adjusted Attack / Release.

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